This course is designed for those who do not have the means or access to certain stores, live in the USA Territories or just don't have the time.

You provide the funds needed to invest into your business and our shoppers will shop for products for you.YOU EARN A BOSS CHECK. It's really that simple.

The personal shoppers fee is 30% of your investment Example: $400 investment - $120 personal shopper fee = $280 in products to purchase for your store

30% Personal shopper fee included the following:

Travel expenses to and from a vast amount of stores

Time needed to pack and label each item individually as to Amazon's mandated specifications

Box all items as per Amazon's mandated specifications

Drop or schedule a UPS Pickup

Personal Shoppers ONLY purchase items that are guaranteed selling items as per the instruction of Yassin Hall

Possible number of days for a return up to and above your investment is about 45 days.

Your Instructor

Yassin Hall
Yassin Hall

Yassin Hall is the Amazon Best Selling Author of “Journey Untold…My Mother’s Struggle with Mental Illnesses”. and Beyond the Love Curse - Own your PowerOwn your Power

She is a B.O.S.S., CEO, Self-made Multi-Millionaire, Mental Health Advocate, Educator, and International Keynote Speaker Award Winning Best-selling Author born and raised on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. She resides in Atlanta, Georgia.

Yassin went from being homeless as a result of a divorce to becoming a Multi Millionaire. As an avid educator which is one of her many passions and God given talents, she empowers and educates others on their journey towards success.

Yassin has been selling on Amazon since 2011 with and initial investment of $197 that she saved for her light bill and sent in her first inventory into Amazon. She has incorporated her vast knowledge of business and Amazon into the "B.O.S.S. Mindset" Built on Self-Motivated Success Amazon Master Class.

Meet the Mother/Daughter B.O.S.S. Duo

Yassin's daughter Yamisha also has an Amazon store, the young teen opened her store when she was 15 years old. Today she is 18 years old making six figures, bought her first home at and car at 17 years old.